About Us

DALLE Accounting and Cash Management Inc. prides itself on providing strong service that is customized for its clients around the United States.  Founded in 2006, the owners of DALLE Accounting set out to fill a void between small businesses and their CPAs and payroll providers. 

Traditional CPA firms prepare taxes and provide financial guidance, but typically do not provide businesses with ongoing day-to-day support.  Payroll companies provide payroll software but are specialized and often charge significant fees.  DALLE Accounting recognized a need to provide backoffice day-to-day accounting as well as operational, payroll, and general support to small businesses.  DALLE Accounting is there for its clients' every payroll, month-end bank reconciliation, financial question, sales tax return, and corporate tax return.  Seamlessly integrating and supporting its clients, DALLE provides peace of mind to its clients to help them know that they can focus on maintaining and growing their business.

Within our firm, we are proud to offer our clients:

  • A consolidated service team including everything from Accounts Payable to Chief Financial Officer
  • Corporate accounting/finance department experience in private, public, and non-profit organizations
  • Experience preparing financial statements, regulatory reports, payroll, sales tax, and corporate tax returns
  • Coordination of financial audits, New York State regulatory audits, and sales tax audits 
  • Knowledge and experience of working with the IRS and state tax authorities
  • Unique industry specific experience
  • Management of banking relationships with local and international banks
  • Experience managing the billing and collection functions of publicly traded and private organizations 

We use our experience to serve clients in more than 10 states across the United States.  No distance is too far for the support we can provide. 

If you need a financial ace in your back pocket, call DALLE Accounting.  Rest assured, we won't let you down.